My Sunshiny Life

{February 27, 2009}   Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I caught up with Suse last night at Wahaca in Covent Garden.  It’s a very popular Mexican Cantina with a HUGE wait for a table.  I got there a few minutes before Suse so put our names on the list and made my way to the crowded bar.   On the way I saw these big platters of pink and turquoise packets and helped myself to a couple.  I collect matches wherever I go, a girl can never have too many.  As I get to the front of the bar Suse arrives so we nab a bench and sip our drinks while we wait.  In the same fashion that a sommelier matches wines with food, in my mind the only match for Mexican grub is a kick ass salt rimmed Margarita.  So we waited, sipped and waited.  We enquired how long it would be, not long apparently.  He said we were next and then seated two couples in front.  We got a seat to wait on eventually and we were reassured to be moving up the pecking order of waitees.  I enthusiastically showed Suse the turquoise and pink packets and pocketed a few more… it was a very long wait, I deserved them.  After much eye contact, pleading smiles and enquiries we eventually got seated, not because of these things, simply because we were finally at the top of the list.  How cool would it be to slip him a 20 and be in first.  I’m sure it happens. 

So imagine after that big wait if the food sucked!  We weren’t disappointed though.  The favourites of the night were Slow Roast Melt in Your Mouth Pork Pibil Taco and Nearly Burn Your Face Off But Still Delish Beef Salpicon Tostadas.


Nearly Burn Your Face Off But Still Delish Beef Salpicon Tostadas

As we were eating we noticed a group of waiters gathering around a table, anticipating a riot due to a lack of tips we looked on expectantly.  It was someone’s birthday and an enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday echoed through the restaurant.  This only ever happens to me when I’m with Suse.  Our last dinner at Grand Bazaar the whole place broke out into song, every table clapping, singing and some even busting a few moves!  Then the lights come back on and the spell is broken.

Feeling stuffed and happy we moved to our second stomach for chocolate churros and a mint tea.  A lovely finish to a perfect evening… the wait was worth it. 


Cheeky Little Chocolate Churros

The waiter came over with the bill and presented us with a pink and turquoise packet each and said something about chilli.  We were a little confused and opened them up as he walked away.  Inside are little pepper seeds on a stick which you insert into potting mix.  I didn’t have a handful of match packets in my bag, I had a small garden of little red hot chilli peppers!  That is a challenge that I’m going to take up, lets see if I can nurture a jalapeno pepper into existence.


My stash of jalapeno pepper seeds


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