My Sunshiny Life

{February 28, 2009}   Where are we meeting again?

I had Dave’s leaving drinks last night – he’s heading back to NZ and Alex is following not long after.  A sad day for all, seeing them leave dirty grey old London town.  Not sure why they’d want to live in Auckland – I get so sick of the blue sky, harbour, beaches, to die for fish and chips, sunshine, good food and friendly people.

I set off to find Prohibition pub, which is where we were meeting. I had my iPhone for directions but sometimes that map is a bit dodgy and the blue marker (me) goes awol, leaving me just as much in the dark as trying to read a map. With some helpful directions from random people I finally made it there… people feel great if they can help you, so I feel that asking others for directions is my good deed for the day.  Ok it’s not so good if they don’t know, but these are the chances we take.

I pushed my way through the crowd, hitting people left right and centre with my oversize handbag and my laptop bag. Note to self: do NOT take your laptop bag to a crowded, heaving, hot pub.  For 15 minutes I battled my way through the crowds, feeling like a little kid at the mall who has lost their mum.  I know my eyesight isn’t the best but I thought I’d see SOMEONE I knew.  

I retreated to the relative peace and quiet of the main street to do a ring around.  Problem is, no one answered their phone.  I eventually got through to Matt who said he was at the main door… Thank god, so was I!  But no he wasn’t… So I went inside… he wasn’t there.  I went back outside, he still wasn’t there!  I asked the doorman if there were two doors, nope.  I had that ‘you’re on candid camera’ feeling and half expected someone to finally come and get me and say ‘you should have seen the look on your face’ … But no.  Then I lost Matt’s call.  The light dawned (slowly) so I texted and asked him what bar he was in… The Abby.  FARK!  Prohibition was SO 3 weeks ago!  The Facebook invite and all subsequent emails had referred to Abby Bar.  Which I hadn’t taken any notice of obviously.  I finally made it to Abby, feeling the need to mainline my glass of wine by this stage.  It was fun seeing people I hadn’t seen for ages but I have to admit… I’m too old (and happy about that!) for loud bars where you can’t hear yourself speaking, let alone anyone else.  I could see mouths moving but didn’t have a clue what people were saying – so then everyone just smiles and nods, until it’s obvious more of a response is required.  If you don’t want to talk to anyone then loud banging music is ok and I would still fancy cutting up the dance floor … but tonight I had my laptop bag, my sensible work dress and some goodbyes to say.

I think I said goodbye to Dave about 15 times before I finally left…. he promised to let me come and stay with him and Alex in NZ, so long as I don’t block the loo with a make up wipe and flood their whole house – but that’s another story (sorry Matt and Michelle).  We’ve got Alex for a little while longer, so I’ll have a few more opportunities to say goodbye to her, but I was truly sad to be saying goodbye to Dave.  Bye again Dave (16 times now, be off with you already!) 

Good luck in NZ and I’ll be coming to stay when I’m down next.  The make up wipes will go in the bin, promise.



Magic Morrow

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