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{March 8, 2009}   Yum Yum Dim Sum!

Fact. Dim Sum is very delicious.  The best Dim Sum I’ve had in London is at Royal China in Bayswater, which is where I went this afternoon with Sam.  The service is brisk and efficient but the wait staff are SO rude.  They could really do with a course in ‘hospitality with a smile’ but to me that is part of the attraction.  They serve you quickly and your food AND bill arrive quickly too.  The tables would turn over so many times throughout the day.  The best way to see if Dim Sum is any good is to see if most of the patrons are of Asian origin and that is certainly the case here.  Royal China kicks Chinatown’s arse.  I haven’t had good chinese in any restaurant in Chinatown.  The only reason I’m not claiming Royal China to be the BEST dim sum in London is because I haven’t been to Yauatcha yet, although it’s on my list of restaurants to check out.


We felt properly stuffed after a lunch of prawn and scallop dumplings, noodles and won ton soup, but my dessert stomach was still a little bit hungry.  We waddled down to Patisserie Valerie and drooled over the luscious sweet treats in the display cabinet.  I ordered a hot chocolate, which really would have been enough.  But just like an extreme sportsman pushes their body to the limit, I too decided to push the boundaries and went for a double chocolate cake as well.  This is a 5 kilo weight gain on a plate but it was super delish.  A profiterole took pride of place on the top of the cake… like it needed anything else.  That’s why it’s called a double chocolate cake though.  I like saying profiterole, but strangely enough the opportunity doesn’t arise very often.  Say it, it gently bounces around your mouth and rolls off the tongue quite nicely, dontcha think?

Triple Chocolate Weight Gain

Triple Chocolate Weight Gain

The icing on the cake

The icing on the cake

By the way, Matt if you’re reading this – your advice not to eat dim sum whilst trying to get a summer fit bikini body was very sound.  I walked a LONG way today to make it possible.  I’m glad we never discussed the chocolate cake and hot chocolate.

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