My Sunshiny Life

{March 14, 2009}   Happy Go Lucky

I’ve just finished watching Happy Go Lucky and think Sally Hawkins played her part brilliantly.  The story is about Poppy, a happy go lucky kind of girl (see what they did there) who lives in London.  The movie follows her over the course of a few weeks, when she starts taking driving lessons with an angry instructor and she gets a little bit of lovin’.   At the start I liked the character. although I thought she was a little bit TOO happy, but then her character showed a little more depth and it hit just the right note of quirkiness and optimism.   Life really is all about the hand we’re dealt, the thoughts we think and the choices we make and this movie illustrates this beautifully.

Happy go lucky is a fabulous feel good movie that totally drew me in.  I want to be Sally Hawkin’s friend, her flatmate in the movie was brilliant too.  I could hang out with both of them and a glass of wine.  (Yes, I know they were only playing roles, but sometimes you just get people and I think they’d be fabulous).  I’ve reserved some of Sally’s other movies on Lovefilm, so at least I can be her friend for another couple of hours.



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