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{March 18, 2009}   Ski Trip Wrap Up

I’m back from Chamonix now and I am SO happy to have made the trip and I feel quite satisfied that I did two things that were out of my comfort zone – 1) Ski (obviously) and 2) drive on the right hand side of the road.  It made me think I should try more things I’ve never done before, so I might make myself a little bucket list. 

Yesterday we went to Le Tours which is WAY WAY WAY nicer than Le Flegere, the food was miles better, the scenery was breathtaking, the green run was ACTUALLY a green run – not a death drop twisty turny hard ass mountain..  I didn’t fall once on the mountain yesterday, which was fabulous and I was feeling quite chuffed with myself.  That unblemished record was broken however when a certain someone (who likes to tell us how much control he has) barrelled into me and knocked me over, stabbing me in the leg with his ski pole to boot.  I have a big bump on my shin, which I will be bringing into conversation with him at every opportunity.

We didn't photoshop that background in, honest

We didn't photoshop that background in, honest

 There are so many upsides to skiing, the beautiful scenery, fabulous food, burning off fabulous food, apres skiing!  I thought Apres Skiing sounded so posh, but all it means is that you don’t shower before you go out.  Rock on stinky sweaty ski peeps!  Chateau Neuf was the place to be, packed to the brim with gyrating bodies, dancing hard out to the live band.  JUMP JUMP! 

We left Chamonix today and headed to Geneva for a little tiki tour before we had to be at the airport.  We left loads of time so we could make it without any stress, but had enough time for a leisurely lunch and a wander around.   Setting out for the airport we hoped that the hard ass skiiers from our group hadn’t left Chamonix too late as they were packing in as much time on the slopes as possible.  We had (quite) a few issues with directions to the airport but figured it out and pulled into the rental car place with a sigh of relief… until the rental guy said we had a french car and we were on the swiss side.  WTF!  So after receiving a garbled set of directions we set off again, but to our dismay we kept ending back up on the swiss side of the airport.  For the life of us we couldn’t work out how to get to the french side.  We ended up on the motorway going 20 km’s out of our way because we took a wrong turn.  The generous slice of time we had to get to the airport was dwindling quickly.  In the end I was dropped off and the other two kept trying to find it.  I only just made the flight, rejoining the others from the group who were already there.  My driver and co-driver missed the flight.  I was gutted for them.  I received a text saying they had booked an Easyjet flight and would be leaving 50 minutes after our flight departed.  Then another text arrived saying they’d missed that flight as well.  Don’t worry though, they’re safe and sound back in London now… just a little later than the rest of us.

It was a fond farewell to skiing for now but not for very long hopefully.  I’ve wrangled an invite to S & B’s swiss ski chalet and am spreading the word that if a ski holiday is being organised I’d be totally up for it.  So until the snow falls again and the mulled wine is hot, this little ski bunny is on a break.


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