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{March 21, 2009}   Food Envy at Cha Cha Moon
Cha Cha Moon Whiteleys

Cha Cha Moon Whiteleys

Sam and I have been wanting to go to Cha Cha Moon in Whiteleys, Bayswater, since it opened and last night was the night.  We sat there before ordering, admiring the buzz and the decor.  It’s all very simple, with an amazing curved bamboo roof and walls and a big open kitchen down one end where you can see the chef’s busy at work. 

After much to and fro in my head I finally decided on my choice of Schezwan dumplings and chilli prawn noodles.  Sam ordered prawn dumplings and jasmine tea chicken noodles.  We watched the plates whizz past us and were pleased to see every single thing looked absolutely delicious.  That is until my plate came out.  The only thing on the entire menu that sucked and I ordered it.  A greasy congealed bed of thin noodles was the base, with four prawns splatted on top, accompanied by two random bits of vege.  This was smothered in an un-naturally bright orange sauce that was a cross between sweet chilli and sweet and sour sauce.  Too hot for me and just not very nice.  I was gutted.  I looked at Sam’s plate and her’s looked amazing.  I looked at the people next to me and their plates looked amazing.  I think I may have even pouted in disappointment.   I had a severe case of food envy.

As with all these wagamama-esque places the food comes very quickly and it comes as it’s cooked, so your main may arrive before your entree.  My entree arrived as I was pushing my main to one side, I didn’t even want to look at it anymore.  But my luck was about to turn, the Schezwan  dumplings (where the earthquake was the waiter told me) were divine.  They were steamed dumplings sitting in a bowl of yummy sauce with little fresh chilli bits floating in it.  Heaven in a dumpling.  Sam’s prawn dumplings were fabulous too and the ‘make up for the worst dinner in the restaurant’ spring rolls that I ordered were just ok. 

Cha Cha Moon gets two thumbs up for service, ambience, cost (£35 for 4 juices, 3 entree’s and 2 mains) their GORGEOUS juices (guava collins, YUM!), the lovely Schezwan and prawn dumplings and now I know for next time – don’t order the chilli prawns.

Simple but fabulous

Simple but fabulous


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