My Sunshiny Life

{March 22, 2009}   A good ole Kiwi roast dinner

If you’ve read my previous blog entries then you’ll be forgiven for thinking all I’ve done all weekend is eat.  You’d not be far wrong.  I was delighted to receive a dinner invitation from James and Matt and headed down there after meeting up with Ange at Wholefoods, for a wholesome juice (and a fatty boomba cake – but hey, it’s from Wholefoods, it’s gotta be good for you!) and a big girly goss session.

James and Matt were my dinner guests at the Asian Extravaganza ( and James is now a fan of Come Dine with Me.  I LOVE that show.  Matt was a little more reluctant to confess his interest and says he only watches it because James watches it.  

Pat was the fourth dinner guest, he used to work in banking but we didn’t hold that against him.  It was a real group effort, except Pat and I were the part of the group that didn’t really do anything.  We watched James cooking up a storm and offered some bits of advice when needed.  Matt wanted all the vegetables cut smaller and he wanted the leeks cooked a la polly, so they were his tasks.  Ripping the chickens apart was also his job and to be honest I think he liked that a little bit too much!  I had the prime position by the chopping board and little morsels of cheese and chicken mysteriously found their way into my belly.  Life is strange sometimes.

Dinner was a resounding success on every front.  Light banter and fabulous food.  I had a big helping (why not, it’s been that sort of weekend) of crispy roast potatoes, kumara, parsnip, leeks a la polly, asparagus and roast chicken.  Topped off with cheese sauce and gravy.  YUM!  For dessert I’d bought a fruit laden cheesecake which was quite nice, but totally un-necessary.

In true Come Dine with Me style the evening needs a rating, so I give it top marks – two thumbs up to James and Matt for their sterling effort!


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