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{March 22, 2009}   Margarita's at Crazy Homies

It was Saturday, the day of our last wedding dress appointment and I had a firm favourite.  This was pretty hard, as most dresses looked amazing on Missy G, who has the perfect body for them.  After five appointments this one was drawing to a close and we knew which one we wanted.  But then she spotted a dress and decided to try it on, just to see.  Well, blow us all down with a feather, this one knocked our socks off (insert any other suitable cliche here).  Talk about wow factor.  Ok, lets not build it up too much, but it’s pretty amazing.  So riding on a ‘thank fark we found a fabulous dress’ high we decamped to Crazy Homies to celebrate. 

Crazy Homies

Crazy Homies

Missy G, Lacy and I trooped down at 5 to get a table… what sacrifices we make for the team, as we sat there tucking in to some salt rimmed gorgeous margaritas. 

Sexy Salt Rimmed Margarita

Sexy Salt Rimmed Margarita

Crazy Homies is an eclectic slightly insanely decorated place and it is ultra popular, hence our early start.  That’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.

Pam and La came down, with lots of exciting news.  Their sister in law was currently in labour at the hospital and they were on full baby alert.  Our yoga guru Dani made up the group, fresh from a yoga assessment that went very well.  She will be our private yoga instructor from April and it will be her mission to get us body beautiful for Missy G’s wedding. 

Crazy Homie Girlies

Crazy Homie Girlies

As always the food was delicious, although the taco salad – a salad served in a big taco bowl – isn’t as good as it used to be and Missy G had a bit of food envy.  I on the other hand, was very happy with my melting pork picadillo enchilada.  I couldn’t have been having a repeat of last night’s dinner where I was the one with food envy.  That would have morphed into a food tantrum if it was the second day in a row! 

Food was eaten, margaritas and beers were downed quickly.  Baby news arrived – it’s a BOY! (actually they knew that already).  Congrats Doug and Michelle on your new addition.  Good luck Pam and La, hope you made it into the hospital with your nurse’s uniforms to get around the late start visiting hours.  Then we started getting the pressure to move off the table, from the glaring prospective patrons, the flirty slightly mental prospective patrons and the ever so polite but firm wait staff who asked us every five minutes if we wanted another drink.  Time for the girls to bid a fond and full farewell to the Mexican magic of Crazy Homies.


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