My Sunshiny Life

{March 24, 2009}   My version of insanity

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to end up being a blog about my weight loss journey or anything like that. Just this one post, promise. Actually it isn’t possible for this post to be about the journey, because I haven’t started yet. It’s like I’m sitting in the driveway still reading the map, the car keeps stalling, the train falls off the tracks and I just can’t seem to stay on the wagon. I think you get the point.

So, to keep me motivated I’ve devised a plan. I just buy clothes I can’t fit. I went to Primarni today – I have gotten over my snobbery about it and try not to think about the slave labour issues – and picked up a cute little black dress and skirt for about 10 pence. The issue is, I don’t fit either of them and holding them up against myself and assessing the results in the mirror at the shop, I already knew that. I knew there wasn’t a hope in hell I’d squeeze my body into them. Actually, due to my sheer determination and acrobatic contortions, I did manage to squeeze into them. However the seams were stretching, the zip was protesting and I looked like an overstuffed sausage.

That’s not even the insane bit. On the way home I stopped off and bought a toblerone. It gets worse. Before going to Primark, I popped in to Nandos for a chubby chicken chow down, with a coke.

But I have hope. Hope in a jar. I bought some Spirulina powder today to add to my smoothies and juices, it’s meant to alkanise your acidic body, making healthy eating just that little bit easier. So if we’re sticking with the same weight loss comparisons as before, me taking Spirulina will work better than a sat nav, will jumpstart my car, get my train back on the tracks and crane lift my fat ass back on the wagon.


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