My Sunshiny Life

{March 31, 2009}   A sensible social butterfly

I’ve been a little social butterfly so far this week, raring it up on a Monday night no less. Last night was Sand’s birthday and we celebrated at the upstairs room of The Oak in Westbourne Grove. It has a fabulous ambience, with subtle off the wall decor that really gives the place personality and warmth.


I had been before but couldn’t recall the detail of the room, which is probably enough said about what state I must have been in not to notice anything.  It has a very cool almost library type feel to it, like a private members club.  The private dining room is so snug and inviting, that I think I may just have to organise a dinner there to fully appreciate it.

Getting to bed after midnight on a Monday is normally unheard of in my life, but luckily I had been sensible on the vino and had made sure I ate enough food (as if not eating enough has ever been a problem for me). The food was pretty amazing too, little tasting plates of delicious crispy squid and the most divine goats cheese drizzled in honey, served with thinly sliced toasted raisin bread.

It was a fantastic night and it was so lovely to hang out with Sand’s group of fabulous single girlfriends.  Most of mine are ‘one part of a two part kind of deal’ so it was a refreshing change.  (not that I’d trade my lovely one part of a two part deal girlfriends for the world!)

I was the only clear headed person to wake up in my flat this morning, judging from the hangover groans and complaints.  Maybe I’m getting more sensible as I get older!  Actually even the thought of that makes me want to have a couple of shots of Sambucca before I go to bed right now, just to prove I’m not!


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