My Sunshiny Life

{April 1, 2009}   An Art Affair

Tonight I was off to Sammy’s art dinner, an opportunity to mingle with fellow kiwis and sit amongst a room full of amazing art – what’s not to like?   Some of the paintings are amazing!  The artist is a mutual friend of ours, Mark Olsen.  He’s made quite a name for himself in NZ and has had several successful exhibitions in London too. I’d describe it as quirky portraiture.

These are my favourite pieces from the exhibition

Madamoiselle Whipe

Madamoiselle Whipe





Rhone Regatta

Rhone Regatta

You can see more of the work here

I was chatting to Ravi and Paul about the dinner before leaving the office and showed them a few pictures of the paintings.  I left with the instruction to send any good paintings through by the magic of iPhone.  So I got to Suze of Mayfair (late, how surprising) and went straight downstairs. There were so many paintings and I couldn’t see Sammy so I just started snapping away on my camera. There was a crowd of people there and they looked over at me and I smiled politely… About a minute later the penny dropped. I was downstairs (at someone’s leaving party) and the art dinner was upstairs. I had been a little confused about the good luck, we’ll miss you signs, the balloons and the over the top table decorations. It wasn’t Sam’s usual style I have to say.

Duh! So I headed upstairs and funnily enough, that’s where Sam was too! I continued snapping pics and sent them over to Ravi who ended up buying a lovely piece called Antoinette. I may have a new career as an art broker!


The food was lovely, NZ mussels, NZ lamb cutlets and NZ (NOT Australian) pavlova were my dinner options and they all disappeared very quickly. A lovely Kim Crawford Sav rounded out the meal nicely.

Winston the pug came out to say hello and was the star attraction, getting his photo taken from every angle. How cute is he?

Winston. Babe Magnet.

Winston. Babe Magnet.

So that’s my socialite lifestyle over for now, this working girl is still a nine to fiver (ish) who has a big day at work tomorrow.


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