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{April 7, 2009}   Art – evoking a reaction

Whilst on my walk around Westbourne Grove on Saturday, I stopped into an Art Gallery called Salon.  I pop in here every now and then as their exhibitions are normally a little bit edgy.  This one was no exception.  I like art that doesn’t take itself too seriously and enjoy popping into a gallery for a casual look around.  But when art like the Mona Lisa is lauded, I just don’t get it.  It’s like a movie that’s been built up too much.  I was so disappointed when I saw that painting, she didn’t make me think, contemplate or evoke a reaction – actually that’s a lie – I thought ‘what the hell is all the fuss about’ and then I went off to look at roman sculptures.  Far more interesting!  I’d make up stories about them in my head as I was walking around.  Anyway, I digress – on with the ART!

The bathtub in the window had caught my eye when walking past for quite a while.  It’s by Vanessa Mancini.

Book Bathtub

The next thing I saw when I walked into the gallery was this…

Real Time by Yuki Aruga

It’s a taxiedermied crow and that is a mouse in the middle!  If art’s purpose is to evoke a reaction this one certainly lived up to it’s reason for being.  An initial gross out gave way to contemplation (yes, still a little bit of how gross it was) and it really is a work of art.

Here’s another one from the same artist, when you look down into the mirror it’s like the shoe has wings.  How do they think these things up, genius!  You can learn more about yuki at her website

In An Attempt by Yuki Aruga

Yuki also had some rather stunning shots of cherubs but my photos didn’t come out so well.  A cherub gliding through a black lake – quite disturbing but beautiful.

This is the last one and if the others evoked contemplation or a gross out reaction this one made me laugh.  It’s by Jack Hardwick and he had quite a few others in the same irreverent style.

Too Many Cocks by Jack Hardwick


Hello there!
My sister found your blog that mentioned the show in Notting Hill… Seems like you enjoyed it; I hope so! You were very nice about my work… I’m very sorry if my work disturbed or freaked you out-I never intend to make anyone feel like that. Taxidermy isn’t as gross as you may think either- I love animals, especially birds, and to see them so close up is amazing- they’re just so incredibly beautiful.
it was nice to encounter your little blog! Happy Easter!

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