My Sunshiny Life

{April 11, 2009}   Another one bites the dust

I went walking around Notting Hill this morning, I haven’t had a proper look around the shops in that area for ages.  I was pleasantly surprised to see an Oliver Bonas boutique and thought they must have just opened, nope, they’ve been open five months.  That must be how long it’s been since I’ve visited – how time flies! 

As I walked to the next shop I wasn’t so pleasantly surprised.  Coco Ribbon has gone.  Gone under, kaput, vanished, had a big closing down sale and left the building.  Coco Ribbon is a boutique, oops, WAS a boutique that sold lovely girly things, pretty boudoir styley things.  All that is left of someone’s dream is a pile of boxes and a few for sale signs hung up.  Even the website has closed down and all they have is this sign. 

Coco Ribbon

Coco Ribbon

I loved Coco Ribbon and wanted a business just like it.  Coco Ribbon is what inspired me to build my little website Le Boudoir.   I abandoned the project some time ago.  It takes a whole lot of money and time to get a business like that off the ground, and I ran out of both.  With the recession creeping in like a dark financial cloud I’m glad I made the choice to close the door on Le Boudoir.  Making money out of something you love doing is fabulous, and I LOVED setting up my site. 

Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir

But would I have made a lot of money out of it?  I doubt it.  I don’t even think I would have made a living out of it.  Life unfolds perfectly though and I’m now working in a job I love, for a digital agency specialising in ecommerce.  I wouldn’t be in this role if I didn’t have the experience of Le Boudoir and now I can work with other companies (who actually have money!) helping to grow their online businesses.

A shopkeeper close by to Coco Ribbon said to me ‘what hope is there for us if Coco Ribbon have gone under’.  Well, I hope there is some hope out there and that the smaller retailers can weather the current financial shitstorm.  With that in mind I went off to the Farmers Market to spend some money and support the hard working folks who travel in with their fresh produce every Saturday.


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