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{April 23, 2009}   Maroush and Empty Champagne Promises

In anticipation of the big Mystical Middle Eastern dinner party I’m hosting on Saturday night, I eagerly accepted Sand’s invite to dinner.  So it was six girls in a Lebanese restaurant, with a LOT of food and far too much garlic.  I love being single, I tucked into the creamy whipped garlic sauce with gusto. 

Delicious whipped garlic sauce!

Delicious whipped garlic sauce!

The food is pretty amazing at Maroush and the Maroush Gardens is a lovely location to eat delicious Lebanese food.  There are like a million Maroush restaurants on Edgware Road but this one is one of the best.  Our waiters were most attentive and blinded by our charms, so much so that we were the lucky recipients of a free fruit platter and baklawa – like we needed any more food, but since it’s sitting there…

Fruit Platter and Baklawa

Fruit Platter and Baklawa

As we were thinking about leaving, but still too full to do more than think about it – a gentleman of middle eastern descent approached our table (he wasn’t a waiter) and wanted to know whose birthday it was.  God knows where he got that from, but apparently they’d been taking bets at their table as to why we were all out for dinner.  How exciting must their dinner have been, honestly – to have a sweepstake as to why a group of girls are out for dinner!  Well the occasion was that it was Thursday night and we fancied Middle Eastern (and I needed to take lots of notes about the food presentation for my dinner party).  He said they’d like to buy us some champagne and beckoned his mate over to join him.  Now I’m not quite sure what the protocol here is, but we were stuffed and still had wine left over so we didn’t fancy champagne and couldn’t be bothered with small talk – we had GIRL talk to attend to, which is much more fun.  Was he waiting for a nod and a wink indicating if he bought us a bottle of cheap bubbly there would be some garlic scented lovin for him that evening – or was he just a generous sort of guy?  I think it was the former, he got no encouragement from any of us (what a surprise) so disappeared, along with our imaginery bottle of champers.

Thanks Maroush for a  lovely dinner, I’ve got some good ideas for my dinner party (put chickpeas, olive oil and paprika on top of the hummus was one little gem).

Check out this fish in the Maroush water feature, they’re all SO big!  They look bigger in real life too – Monster Koi! 

Maroush Koi

Maroush Koi


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