My Sunshiny Life

{April 27, 2009}   Weekend Wrap Up

Most of my weekend was consumed with my Come Dine with Me dinner on Saturday night.  My theme was Mystical Middle Eastern and the full blog, along with videos and piccies is on

On Sunday, when my raging hangover had been tamed, I went down to Clapham to see Alex for one of her leaving drinks parties.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, with blue skies and not a cloud in sight.  We sat outside the Clapham North pub and I drank my first Pimms of the summer… the first of many I hope!   Nothing like hair of the dog to make your day look brighter.  The icy cold Rose wine went down a treat too!

Ladies who drink

Alex (front centre, with her lovely new hair colour) is leaving the UK to start her new life down in NZ with Dave.  Dave’s already down there and has sorted them out a house and everything.  So Alex is now enjoying her last few weeks in London,  as a lady of leisure catching up with all her girlfriends.

As we sat there we noticed a few things, sitting on a main road is great for people watching.  There was a guy that went past in a horse buggy, like a proper racing buggy.  Where did he come from, where was he going and where on earth did he get the horse from – his communal garden?

Then Miss Marilyn rocked up at the lights and she looked HOT!  She was driving a fabulous retro pink car and she was styled to within an inch of her life.  She looked uber glamorous and we were all waving and taking photos.  It must have totally made her day.  If you put that much effort into your appearance and pull it off so well, you deserve to have a little random appreciation!

Marilyn Monroe

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