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{April 30, 2009}   Drunken Fine Dining at Bibendum

Our sales team has been at a trade show, Internet World in Earls Court for the last two days and last night there was a show party.  The show organisers didn’t come down in the last rain shower, they know that putting the party in the middle of the show means that the exhibitors aren’t going to cut too loose.   Unless you’re our team.

The party was at The Collection in Chelsea which is a stunning club/bar, with big ceilings, a mezzanine floor and some beds dotted around, with sheer curtains covering them.  To be honest the bed thing is a bit tacky but I was happy they were there, because that was our seat and I couldn’t bear standing for another second after being on my feet all day.  It’s not a place I’d go to by choice, very footballers wives, but it was great for the evening.  To every single male’s delight, we had the upstairs mezzanine floor and downstairs was a Formula 1 party of some description, filled with scantily dressed, heavily made up cheap looking girls. 

Drinking gallons of red wine on an empty stomach isn’t something I’d recommend to anyone and after 4 hours of drinking our stomachs were starting to eat themselves.  We staggered (literally) across the road to Bibendum which is in the old Michelin building. 

Michelin House

Michelin House

It’s a stunning piece of architecture, built in 1911 for Michelin.  When the building was refitted the Michelin facade and most of the interior remained and it’s now a listed building.  It currently houses a Conran shop and the Bibendum restaurants, which is comprised of a cafe, Oyster bar and restaurant.  There are three massive stained glass windows which still remain from the original design, and all feature ‘Bibendum’ the Michelin Man.  In the second world war, these were taken out to the Michelin factory in Stoke on Trent for safe keeping so they wouldn’t be bombed.  (I love Wikipedia).


I love the little touches they’ve incorporated into the restaurant, like this butter dish.  A super cute Michelin Man.

Michelin Man Butter Dish

The wait staff were excellent and really knew their stuff.  Our waiter happily played along when I started the game ‘what would you have’ and he talked me through the richness of each course and how one course would compliment the next better.  That’s service for you.   I had scallops as a starter and then for my main I had skate, which was absolutely divine.  I was in fish heaven, which doesn’t happen very often in England.  It was even up there with NZ snapper, which is my favourite fish of all time.  The guys had oysters for a starter and they looked lovely, served on a bed of crushed ice.  Almost too good to eat, if you like oysters that is.

Demolished Oysters

Very very full, we decided to squeeze in some cheese so we could have lovely vivid cheese dreams.  If you’re in the mood for lovely dreams, chocolate truffles should be eaten as well, right?  Along with a fabulous glass of port.  Feeling a bit TOO full now, Little Heena and I giggled our way down the road to the tube.  After much debate about which one to catch, we got on the wrong tube and ended up in Victoria.  Public transport was not our friend, so we found a trusty black cab to get us safely home.  A much more refined end to a very unrefined evening, although in a very refined establishment.  The food was faultless and I shall be back the next time I want a little fishy heaven.

I woke up this morning at 5.45 and nervously opened one eye, trying to assess the damage of a heavy night of drinking (when I don’t do heavy nights anymore) and to my surprise I feel absolutely fine.  Although I think after only 5 hours sleep it’s because I’m still pizzled.  Today may prove very interesting, as I stand and talk to prospective customers for 8 hours.  The very thought makes me want to pull the duvet back over my head and go back to sleep!


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