My Sunshiny Life

{May 9, 2009}   The Guanabara Groover

It was Thursday afternoon and my already lengthy ‘to do’ list was growing longer – I actually felt sick at how much work I had to do. Everyone else was excited about going out for Little Heena’s birthday, but I was resigned to staying at work with a big bag of crisps for company, as I attempted to plough through my tasks.

Everyone started applying not so subtle peer pressure to get me out, but I stood my ground, after all this work wasn’t going to get done by itself.  (I’d already wished for that but it hadn’t happened)  But when the boss said, ‘come on stinky, let’s go to the pub – I’ll help you with some of that tomorrow’  I skipped happily out of the office, with joy in my heart and visions of an icy mojito in my head.

The location was dirty old Guanabara, a Brazilian bar/club/dance place around the corner from work. Nice and handy for us and a rollicking good place to have a few too many and bust some moves on the dance floor. The more you drink, the better a dancer you think you are. The tequila flows and dance inhibitions peel away. We needed to build up our reserves before taking to the floor however, so we waited for the professional dancers to come on and their shy but willing students to start learning. It’s funny to watch as it looks like a cross between an aerobics and a line dancing class.

There was one chap who didn’t need the cloak of inebriation to get his groove on. He was COMPLETELY uninhibited and totally fancied himself as a dancer. He had a peculiar dancing style, eyes closed, arms up and the feet and body doing all the moves – then he’d switch it up and a few ballet moves would come out as he pirouetted across the floor.  Perhaps he was dreaming of hot climates, latin beats and sexy ladies as he samba’ed, ballet’ed and strutted his way around the totally empty dance floor.  Being the only person dancing for about an hour didn’t seem to bother him at all.  He danced ALL night, only stopping for sips out of his water bottle. Unfortunately he smelt like he’d been dancing for days, so when he chose to dance by our table for a while I was glad to be down the other end!

It was a bloody good night, made all the sweeter by my ‘get out of work free’ card. We had lovely mojitos and then the call for tequila came out – from me I believe. I don’t know why I do it. Tequila was my friend on Thursday night, but our relationship had changed by Friday morning. Not so good.

Here’s Heena with the glasses (not shot glasses either) of tequila.

Tequila Lush

The picture quality is a bit rubbish because I keep forgetting to put my camera in my bag so these are taken from my iphone. The other one is of me, Sascha and Heena, taking a break from cutting up the dancefloor. The samba queens.

Samba Queens

Heena was very lucky because she didn’t have to be at work the next day.  So I left her at Baker Street and wished her many happy returns for her birthday.  I went home, with thoughts of to do lists and busy days starting to break through the tequila and mojito fog.


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