My Sunshiny Life

{May 11, 2009}   Good times and good byes

I had two leaving events this past weekend.  Both of them for Alex, who has now (finally) departed these shores for her new life in Aotearoa.  On Friday night Christine organised a surprise trip down memory lane for Alex and we’d all been sworn to secrecy.  I didn’t even want to speak to Alex beforehand for fear of giving the game away.  Alex thought she was going to the theatre and was delighted to see everyone, as well as all the pics of her covering the walls of the bar.   We met in Soho at Thirst Bar and then made our way to Bar Soho.  This was their old haunt some years ago, the clientele is far younger now, but the cheesy music is still blaring.  Being able to sing along to old cheesy songs in a drunken ‘I think I’m Britney on stage’ kind of fashion is a brilliant way to spend an evening – much better than going to the theatre!

Saturday night was dinner at Bunny’s for the 23MM girls.  Lovely dinner and fabulous company.  The effort on the food front was high, with Dee tossing together a delicious goats cheese salad.  For the main Bunny had concocted a roast vegetable tart, couscous salad and fabulous lightly smoked oven baked salmon.  What’s not to like about that!  It was the nicest meal I’d had in ages.  Then my contribution.  It was meant to be a home made Banoffee Pie – it’s my specialty.  Unfortunately time had got the better of me and the allure of champagne in the mall won out over culinary endeavours.  I bought the best home made out of a box from Waitrose Lemon Meringue Pie that you’ve ever tasted.  Totally delish!  Lisa had a big tray of cheese and some petit fours and after scoffing all of them we didn’t have room for the pie.  So I ate it some for breakfast the next morning.  I do love being single.

So on to my second leaving do for Alex, actually third if you count our pub outing in Clapham recently.  This girl has been saying her goodbyes for four months!  We met at the Kings Head pub in Albemarle Street by Green Park, it was handy for Alex to get to Heathrow and gave her the chance for one last drink at her favourite work local.  I’m glad I’m writing this down as it will serve well as a reference for when I want to go back.  Just a quiet chilled pub with lovely tunes, ambience, service and absolutely fabulous food.  We all swapped travel stories and had a really enjoyable afternoon.  I needed to say goodbye first and then leave – if I saw everyone else saying goodbye I’d start to blubber.  I cry at the airport when people I don’t even know are saying goodbye!  So Alex has now departed and should be arriving in Auckland within the next few hours.  Best of luck down there Mrs Morrow, keep that spare room waiting for my next visit 😉

Alex's Final Farewell


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