My Sunshiny Life

{May 14, 2009}   I've earned some fashionista stripes

I just couldn’t resist!  I drooled over a couple of items out of the latest collection online and before I knew it I was sitting on a bus heading down to the closest H&M.  Not the busy one, the quiet one on Oxford Street.  I scored two lovely pieces from his collection and I’m absolutely rapt with them.

The first is a peacock wrap dress.  I love wrap dresses and this will replace my favourite one that has a hole in it (very badly sewn back together by yours truly).

Ta Da!  Here’s the Matthew Williamson Peacock Wrap Dress!

Gorgeous Matthew Williamson Wrap Dress

Gorgeous Matthew Williamson Wrap Dress

Now I normally avoid bikini shopping, especially after eating an almond croissant for breakfast, but I loved this bikini and it was perfect for me! 

Hot Bikini

Hot Bikini

As soon as I put on the bikini I looked exactly like the model in the photo.  Matthew Williamson is a genius.

Note to self: Get up early and go running tomorrow and no more bloody almond croissants!

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