My Sunshiny Life

{May 17, 2009}   Social Butterfly Burnout

This little butterfly is very very tired.  It feels like I’ve been go, go, go for about a week.  I need some time off to clean my room and do my filing!  Actually I could probably be doing that right now, but you’ve really got to be in the mood don’t you.  I’m in social overdrive until next Thursday, but I’m very happy to be seeing all my lovely friends so I no complain (quoting Con the Fruiterer there for all you Aussies and Kiwis)  

Here’s my social agenda recap from the last week;

Wednesday night I caught up with Little Mel who has a little cute preggy belly now.  We haven’t seen each other for ages, so it was lovely to see her.  We met at Le Cochonet, my favourite local pizza restaurant.  Actually I never have pizza there, my standing order is prawns and garlic pizza bread.  Sometimes it’s good to stick with what you know.

Thursday night I caught up with Koi-lee and we went to her favourite cheap and cheerful Persian restaurant just off Edgeware Road.  A very rustic restaurant, where you’re close enough to the neighbouring table to eavesdrop on their conversation.  The meals were simple, the servings were generous, the place felt friendly and warm, the waiter was a willing photographer and the bill was ultra cheap.  The paper cups and metal plates added to the rustic feel.  Downstairs there were little yellow fake chickens stuck in the walls and the men at the bread ovens were smiley and friendly.  Amazing how much that adds to the allure of a place.  Check out this hunk of bread.

Table sized bread

Table sized bread

 Friday night was Freddie Belly’s birthday at the Waterways.  The food is always fabulous here and as always the company was too.  Nikki and I took far too many pictures of each other, then a few token ones of everyone else at the table so they didn’t feel left out.  I got the best dinner I think, even though Nikki ordered the same meal as me.  Her lamb was fatty and gristly, while mine was cooked to perfection.  I love having the best meal, lady luck was on my side.  I was in meat and three vege heaven with my lamb, aubergine caviar (sounds poncy, tasted lovely), roast potatoes and long parsnip chips.

Nikki and Bron

Chris, Freddie and Lauren

Me, Nikki and Justin

Happy Birthday Freddie Belly, hope you enjoyed your dinner and your Dallas vs Dynasty party on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and the weather was four seasons in one day – on a quick phase rotation.  Missy G dragged me out of the house to go for a walk around Hyde Park.  As soon as we left the house it started to rain.  Quite heavy too.  But then the sun came out and we dried off.  I sneezed my way around the park, bloody hayfever!  I did feel great for getting some exercise though.  I’m back into my running again tomorrow too.  Life/work/play balance is a priority!

We had a bbq to attend that afternoon and I was a little worried as to how we were going to fare.  I had visions of standing under umbrellas, while trying to juggle a glass of wine and sausage in bread.  We didn’t have to worry though, the weather kind of behaved and Michelle and Ruhan had every contingency covered.  A sturdy pagoda, patio heaters and a large indoor space.  We arrived five hours late, so missed the bbq.  Bummer!  Note to self: arrive on time to get food.  I made myself a stinky camembert cheese roll – it tasted good but smelt kind of bad.  With a thick coating of cheese and bread lining my stomach I let loose on a night of mischief and mayhem. 

Kat, Dippo, Bec, Me

Ruhan and Dan







The Shadow Girls

What an absolutely lovely bunch of people.  I hadn’t known many people before going, but everyone was SO friendly that I had a new social circle by the end of the evening. 

Ruhan and Michelle were fabulous hosts and I’m looking forward to seeing them again at the Silent Disco next week.

Ruhan and Michelle

I’m back now after a break from my blog, I just caught up with Matt for dinner at Thai Rice down the road.  My Pad See Eiw (spelling, no idea) was fabulous – like pad thai, but better.  We met to chat about our forthcoming trip to Sicily.  I was going to get him over and cook a full Italian meal, keeping in with the theme of the imminent Italian adventure… but I couldn’t be arsed.  I cleaned my room and did my filing instead!  A fresh clean start to an exciting busy week ahead.


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