My Sunshiny Life

{May 21, 2009}   Fleeting Visits and Food Babies

We went out for dinner last night and it was lovely, so lovely in fact that I ate a little bit too much of it. You know you’ve eaten too much when you’re still full the following morning. The food was absolutely delicious though and well worth feeling like you’ve got a 6 month old food baby in your belly. The place was Roast, a large airy restaurant in Borough Market and we were there to see Claire and John who were on a flying visit from Australia. So lovely to see them AND to see people from London that I just don’t see enough of.

Claire and John's Dinner

We had the Toptable set menu – £26 for 3 courses, you can’t complain about that. We’d had to book in at 6pm  and they said they needed the table back at 8.30, but we were left in peace for the whole night.

The starters weren’t anything great, in fact some of the girls ordered herring (ew) roe (double ew).  I was sitting next to Veggie Becky who didn’t believe that the fish roe (they were huge fat rollmop looking things) wasn’t meat.  So in the spirit of friendship, I tasted it for her and nearly gagged. The taste was somewhat fish like, but the texture on the other hand… soft, squidgy and gross.  Like how I imagine the texture of kidneys would be.  My starter was safe and lovely, a walnut, stilton and chicken salad. I quickly tucked in, ridding my mouth of the yukky fishy memory. 

The main course was when Roast really showed their form, I opted for the slow roast pork belly.  I’m all up for supporting the swine community through their latest pandemic.  Say no to swine flu! Or fline swu as I said last night after one too many rather large glasses of red wine. 










Rhubarb crumble sealed my fate of being hopelessly, uncomfortably full.  One day I will learn self control.

The restaurant was fabulous, the service nearly faultless – calling Bec sir probably wasn’t necessary and not playing the ‘which one is better’ game with me lost our waitress valuable points.  If I say to a waitress, which one is better – the roast chicken or the roast pork, I don’t want them to reply ‘well it depends what you like’. I like both of them obviously or they wouldn’t be part of the game.  You see the food coming out, which one looks better and which one garners the most compliments. It’s not rocket science!

Tuesday night I caught up with Sam for a long overdue dinner date and we went to a new Mediterranean restaurant in Westbourne Grove called Cyprus Mangal. These guys have spent a tonne of money on the fit out of the place, with big red leather booths, fabulous lighting and a nice ambience overall.  The little touches are important and they haven’t missed a trick, with really cool wave shape inspired plates and lovely big wine glasses.

Cyprus Mangal

 We shared calamari to start, which was light and delicious. My salmon main was great, apart from the fact that the whole thing was swimming in butter.  Halfway through I decided that Sam’s dinner was much better than mine, her lamb cutlets weren’t swimming in sauce for a start.  The richness of the salmon and the butter was too much by the end of the meal.  I will be back though and next time I’ll ask for the sauce on the side.  

Tonight I’m meeting up with the rest of Bec’s Bridal Shower Committee to start planning the big pre bridal bash. No nasty strippers or chavvy stretch limo’s feature in our plans so far – but Bec, you better be nice to us, as plans can be changed and the scope for chaos is huge 🙂

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