My Sunshiny Life

{May 23, 2009}   Balloon Magic

No alcohol, healthy dinner and rubbish tv were on the agenda for me last night, but at the offer of a free drink I mysteriously found myself at the pub.  Life is strange.

We noticed a group of girls sitting next to us and this girl had the most fabulous party trick.  She was making magical balloon creations for her friends – from those long balloons, you know the ones where you see a magician make a poodle out of them.  She didn’t just make a bog standard poodle though, she made a cute monkey and bracelets.

Cheeky Balloon Monkey

Cheeky Balloon Monkey

Balloon Girl

Balloon Girl

But her piece de resistance was her lovely ballerina, so I went back over and chatted to her (I’d already been over once to see the monkey).  She does this as a job and she does it amazingly well, her name is Sarah Thomas-Lane and she is posing with her ballerina in the photo above.  This talented young lady is available for hire, so if you have a special occasion coming up that warrants a cheeky monkey or ballerina she should be a number on your speed dial.  Her number is 07775 741 415

Balloonatic (where Sarah works) holds balloon making classes and I’m considering doing one, after all every girl needs a magical party trick!


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