My Sunshiny Life

{June 6, 2009}   Friday night at Shunt

I had one of the best nights I’ve had in ages last night, with Kylie at Shunt.  Shunt is a lounge and theatre performance club in London Bridge.  It’s actually under the bridge so it’s all dark, damp and eerie.  I loved it!  

It’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland, so you’re not quite sure if things are real or not.  When we first walked in the door we were offered ‘LSD’ from a spaced out hippie.  There was a hippie caravan, lots of hippie hugs and dancing too.  There were psychadelic murals, paintings, cars packed with dried ice and lighting.  There were random bits of art hanging off the wall, all ripped and torn with glass all over the ground.  There was also a rooster which was displayed like a fine piece of art, I wanted to get a picture and knocked the bloody thing off.  Kylie and I have never moved so fast!  The acoustics were amazing (so the rooster made a MASSIVE crashing sound) and you could talk into a microphone and it would bounce around the tunnel – the screams would give you goosebumps.  My descriptions really aren’t doing it justice and I don’t think my photos do either.  Go along yourself and check it out, it’s BRILLIANT!

Spooky Shunt Clowns

Spooky Clowns

Shunt Hippy Hug

Hippy Hug

Shunt Jimi LSD

Jimi LSD

Shunt Military Man

Rather Sad Military Man

Peace is Sexy

Peace is Sexy

Pickled Dolls

Pickled Dolls




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