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{June 10, 2009}   Miracle on 98 Bus

Today had the same sort of feel as back in February, when London was covered in a blanket of snow except today will go down in history as Tube Strike Day (well one of the days!).  The transport system in London can’t cope that well when working at full capacity, let alone 90% of the tube lines down!  Roads were gridlocked, buses were jammed, pavements were PACKED full of walkers and there was a bit of angst in the air.  In that way it was totally different to London Snow Day – that day people smiled at each other and life seemed pretty, white and clean.  There was no snow today to detract from the fact that London was in chaos.  

My trip to work started out really well, I walked up to the bus stop, the bus arrived, doors opened and I stepped on.  Ok, it was packed, but there were people at that bus stop that had seen five buses go past without being able to get on (you could see it in their eyes and desperate pack mentality).  The bus driver was forcing people back off the bus because it was too full and some just refused to get off.  I lasted about four stops on the sardine bus, but after getting a face full of hair and then a man’s nether regions pressed firmly into my butt, I struggled down to the doors of the bus (currently gridlocked) and asked if I could get to the door.  A big neanderthal was standing there so I asked him to move – he couldn’t quite comprehend my request so I pushed past him, pressed the door release button and then I was out to freedom with the sweet smell of London smog filling my nostrils!  My personal space boundary had been restored and life was good again.

After work, I was half way home and walking with arms laden full of groceries for the dinner I’d promised the girls, when I decided I REALLY didn’t feel like walking any more.  Then I spotted a miracle, a miracle called the number 98 bus – and it was EMPTY.  You seriously had to see how stuffed full of people the other buses were today to appreciate this phenomenon!  I told the bus driver he was my saviour, my knight in shining armour and that he’d saved my day.  He beamed a big happy smile and I’m sure my (over the top and slightly gushy) gratitude probably made his day a little bit brighter too.  I don’t know where that miracle 98 bus came from, but I loved it.  A ride home on the bus never felt so good!

Retro 98 Bus

Retro 98 Bus

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