My Sunshiny Life

{June 13, 2009}   Attempted Larceny at Lunch

Naomi, Lila and I went for lunch at Villandry Kitchen yesterday.  We were lucky enough to get a seat outside and sat there,  wine in hand, savouring the grey british day and constant flow of traffic.  It was a fabulous place for people watching, especially the old man sitting at the table facing me, who was literally drooling and couldn’t keep his eyes off two sexy girls sitting beside him.  He just wanted to sit at their table as well, it was most funny to watch as they tried to keep talking pretending they didn’t see him ogling at them.

Two unkempt youths came up to us and approached Lila and I, as we were closest to the pavement.  One came around the back of me, forcing me to turn away from the table.  My bag was on the chair next to me and my hand automatically went to cover it.  My handbag is like my blankie, we’re never far apart from each other.  They had tube maps in their hands and were asking for some intelligible station.  I was a bit impatient but still unaware of the scam.  Lila got it straight away and as he started to put the map down on the table she put her hand over her phones that were sitting there and just glared at him.  He knew he’d been busted straight away and started backing off.  The scam is to put the map down and pick it back up again, along with your mobile phone.  Dodgy little buggers.  We got rid of them quite quickly and then tucked in to our delicious lunch, high fiving ourselves for being so vigilant. 

The food was lovely, the setting fabulous (a bit of sunshine wouldn’t have gone astray, but at least it wasn’t raining), the people watching was most interesting and crime busting most satisfying.  It may have to become our tradition, Charlies Angels at lunch deterring would be petty crims.

Villandry Kitchen


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