My Sunshiny Life

{June 18, 2009}   Persian Delights at Alounak


When Mel suggested we meet at Alounak in Westbourne Grove for our catch up dinner I accepted eagerly.  I’ve passed this place so many times and noticed the queue outside, but I’d never ventured in before.  Actually, this would be my first taste of Iranian food.  I didn’t capitalise on the opportunity as I should have by trying lots of local dishes.  Instead I went for an old favourite, Chicken Skewer with rice, salad and houmus (or hummus, hommos, whichever way it’s spelt in Iran!).  It wasn’t an adventurous choice but it will give me a reason to go back there and try other dishes! 

Before we met I did some investigating on review sites and there were quite a few negatives, which made me slightly wary but we didn’t have any problems at all.  One of our waitresses was a little dim admittedly, but the other was absolutely lovely.  Another complaint in a review was about the lack of wine glasses.  I take this as part of the charm of a BYO restaurant.  The bread was DIVINE, fresh from the clay oven at the front of the restaurant.  My dish would have been pretty hard to screw up, but other plates served around me looked amazing… and those queues wouldn’t be there if the food isn’t top notch!

So I’ll be back soon to sample some other delights of Alounak and to eat a mountain of that delicious bread!

Alounak Bread


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