My Sunshiny Life

{June 22, 2009}   Simone's Sand Sculptures

How cool are these sand sculpture landscapes?  Simone makes them and I’d like to see how they’re made as I find the whole thing quite intriguing.  Apparently a tooth pick features in some way and I imagine a fair amount of skill and practise features highly too!  It’s kind of like when you wonder how the ship gets in the bottle…  I’ve wondered that for years actually and just searched for it online.  There are a few schools of thought on how it’s done;

* You hire a team of ants and give them a lot of sugar to go hard out working on it (no one likes a smart arse)

* The sails are collapsible so the ship fits through the bottle neck and then the sails are all rigged up

* You use long slender tweezers to construct the whole thing inside the bottle

* The bottle is made around the ship (this one seems a little too hard)

I think I’ll just enjoy the artistic beauty of it and stay ignorant. 

Simone's Sand Sculptures


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