My Sunshiny Life

{July 3, 2009}   Much Ado About Rain, Picnics, Champers and Narcolepsy

I booked tickets ages ago to see a play at the Regents Park Outdoor Theatre last Saturday.  The weather had been gloriously sunny during the day and we were high fiving each other (not literally, that would be weird) for winning the weather lotto.  We had it all, blue sky, fluffy white clouds, sweltering heat and then it happened.  The storm arrived.  I’m not talking a passing sunshiney kind of rain shower either, we had a torrential downpour, complete with marble sized hail, thunder and lightening.  But we were meant to be sitting down to our fabulous picnic dinner in an hour and a half.

I called the theatre and they said the show must go on.  Just before we left to drive to the park, the rain stopped, but the menacing black rain cloud stayed behind, reminding us we hadn’t seen the last of him.  We sat in the cute grounds of the theatre enclosure, with fairy lights, a bar and picnic tables.  M&S really put on a good picnic spread, my new deli isn’t too shabby either, with lovely parma ham and cheese that was cured in a cave – he sold it to me on the point that it actually smelt like the cave – I didn’t really know what to say to that, so just added it to my order.   Dan had a slight mishap with the knife and his finger, it was the hard hard hard aforementioned cave cheese that was to blame! 

The bell sounded and it was time to take our seats.  I invested in a beautiful blue plastic rain poncho on the way there and I tell you what, it was the best £3 I’ve ever spent.  We were in the last row of seats at the back and it was perfect to use the wall behind us as a back rest.  We saw Much Ado about Nothing and to be totally honest I couldn’t tell you what it was about.  Between crowd watching, champagne (and red wine, bad combo) drinking, left over picnic eating, photo taking (strictly prohibited, I was like a secret agent), annoying the guy next to me by talking, trying to get into my rain poncho, eating watermelon gifted from the lovely couple down the end, making watermelon mouths with the rind (again, see bad combo above – red wine and champers don’t mix)…. well I didn’t really see a whole lot.  What I did see was FANTASTIC though and the set design and costumes were gorgeous.

Then it started raining and I loved it.  I had put my poncho on ages before and was just dying for it to rain.  Sorry actors!  We were in our own little umbrella and rain poncho world.  I must say all that excitement done tuckered me out and I fell asleep, nodding off all the way through the second half like a narcoleptic doddery old lady who’d missed out on her afternoon kip.  Then guiltily opening my eyes and seeing if anyone had noticed.  Yes, they had, Bec and Nikki were highly amused and the guy next to me was ecstatic because he could finally concentrate on the play.  So without further ado, here are my hidden photos and video from the night, covert operative Sunshine over and out.

The glorious british summer

The glorious british summer

 Much Ado About Nothing Actors


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