My Sunshiny Life

{July 8, 2009}   Blushing is NOT cute!


I really really really wish that I didn’t blush.  Or if I can’t stop blushing I wish I had dark skin, then at least it wouldn’t be so obvious.   Ok, it’s bad enough that you’re embarrassed anyway but to have a neon glow emitting from your face so EVERYONE knows that you’re embarrassed is even more embarrassing.  People say it’s cute.  People lie.  It’s cute if you get a bit of high colour, but turning a shade of beetroot all over your face, then chest and finally upper arms is like blushing on roids.   The worst bit is that people notice (like really, how could they not) and you can see them watching with interest as the colour develops.  It’s like you’re a human lava lamp.

Today I blushed so furiously in a meeting, for such a prolonged period of time that my client got up and turned on the air con.  At first I thought it was because he felt sorry for me and had turned it on to cool me down, but on reflection the heat coming from my side of the table was probably making HIM hot as well!



Katrina says:

I feel your pain. I am the exact same way. I mean, I’ll be sitting in class, and my face just shoots red. And then some one will TELL me that my face is red, and well then I just blush more. I hate it.

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