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{July 11, 2009}   When in Rome…

Chad and I have been in Rome for a day and a half and I LOVE IT! What an amazing, chaotic, bustling, gorgeous city. Ancient ruins co-exist right beside modern architecture in a fabulous architectural mash up.

Italians are super friendly and take time out to explain to our dumb ignorant selves about items on the menu that we can’t read. We’ve just been to dinner, to a VERY busy, fabulous, yummy, local Italian restaurant (we were the only tourists, which is just how I like it) and the wait staff tried to help us out as much as they could explaining the menu. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t quite enough. Now I’d much rather take a chance on menu lotto than go to some shithouse place in a tourist trap area, so I no complain (well not much anyway). After I’d ordered my meal, which I’d been told was fish, I was telling Chad about how much I’d hate it if the fish came out with a head still attached (seriously, how can you eat something that’s staring at you) or if I was served up little baby squids and tentacles. Calamari, love it, baby squids (tentacles, GROSS!) not so much. This isn’t a thriller; I think you can see what’s coming. Yep, it was ‘The Tentacles’. I was grossed, a little tear came to my eye and a pout automatically appeared. Chad graciously let me eat some of his delicious pasta and I sorted through all the squidgy bits to find the rings and fish bites.

Here I am talking about food and I’ve been discovering so much more. YES, for a change, life to me is more than what I’m having for my next meal (or what everyone else is having). We’ve been ultra busy in the short time that we’ve been here. We’ve interacted with locals, found an A.Mazing local patisserie cafe/gelato yummy place and we’ve been VERY cultural. We started out yesterday, with a trip to the Colosseum. Wow, what an amazing place. Did you know that not all the gladiators died? If you think about it, that would be SO bad for business. Get a good gladiator and have him last one match? No, these guys were kept on for a while to earn their keep. When there was a match where someone was supposed to die, they’d meet before hand and do a bit of match fixing so there would be a draw. WWF took its acting style from the Romans it seems.


Love having a travel partner/picture taker!

Love having a travel partner/picture taker!

Colosseum 3










Then we went on another tour in the afternoon of the Roman Forum, apparently the heart, soul, business and political centre of Rome in the good ole days. Our guide was absolutely fabulous, granted I think she’d popped some amphetamines before taking our group around, but her hyper enthusiasm was welcome after a long afternoon in the sunshine. She filled us up with facts about ancient Rome, of which I remember absolutely nothing but it was nice feeling learned for a few hours anyway. I truly think the NZ education system has a lot to answer for. Neither Chad nor I knew any answers to the questions she posed. Romulus, Remus, Octavious… WTF!

Modern art amongst ancient ruins

Modern art amongst ancient ruins

There was a guy who was a total swot/teacher’s pet who delighted in answering every question, so even if I’d known an answer I wouldn’t have got a chance to say it anyway. He also wore socks with his sandals, enough said for crimes against fashion.

Crimes against fashion exhibit one

Crimes against fashion exhibit one


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