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{July 14, 2009}   Terror at Trevi Fountain

It was our last day in Rome and we had a lot to fit in.  Our first stop was the Spanish steps, which we had seen the day before but hadnt taken photos at.  I had romantic notions of channeling Audrey Hepburn and eating gelato on the steps.  I thought it would be much bigger too, but that is quite often the way when things are built up.

Then we tootled off to the Trevi Fountain where a hostage situation was unfolding.  The whole area had been cordoned off and the police were negotiating with a man who had climbed up to the top of the fountain, cut his stomach open and was shouting obscenities at the crowd.  As Chad rightly pointed out, its hardly a hostage situation if there is only one person involved, but in my mind he was holding himself hostage!  After a couple of hours he finally came down and we could go and appreciate the fountain, taking the obligatory photos = all of which I have my eyes closed in, most disappointing!

The Panthenon rounded out the big three sights for the day.  We were so rubbish, we didnt take our guide book with us and had no idea what the panthenon was all about, so had to go hunting for a sign in the place to get clued in.  The entire construction was dedicated to 12 different gods, now that is hedging your bets on a free pass through the pearly gates!

Terror at Trevi Fountain

Terror at Trevi Fountain


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