My Sunshiny Life

{July 18, 2009}   Holy Cannoli

I made a pact at the start of the holiday to eat a cannoli every day, I love it when I stick to a regime!  This has proven easier to stick with than my ambitious exercise plan.  I was introduced to cannoli by none other than Tony Soprano and I’d always hankered after one because they were built up so much on the show.  Well, let me tell you, these little delicious treats don’t disappoint.  They’ve all the makings of a decadent treat, lets start with the texture – crunchy yet yielding to soft cream as you bite into the ricotta centre.  I can’t do the taste justice, you just have to have one.  Sweet sweet paradise.

Cannoli Queen

Cannoli Queen

We’ve got our favourite cannoli shop and the other day the owner took us out the back and showed us how theyre made.  Her father had fried up the little wafer type shells that morning and she had a big tub of sweet creamy ricotta that she expertly pressed into the centre.  A little sprinkle of pistachio and you’re all good to go, head first into a taste sensation. 

Naked Cannoli

Naked Cannoli

Dressed and ready to eat!

Dressed and ready to eat!

I’m sure I’ll be getting cannoli withdrawal once back in London but thats a week away, although whether I’ll fit into any of my clothes for the trip home is another story.  I’ve got my eye on a very glamorous mumu that I think will suit my expanding girth rather well.


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