My Sunshiny Life

{July 18, 2009}   Pantsville Panarea

We left the sleepy shores of Lipari to party our pants off in Panarea yesterday.  The island is gorgeous, apparently like the Greek Islands, not that Ive been there yet.  White washed buildings, blue paint (the town must have got a special deal for the amount theyve used) and stunning ocean views.  There are no cars on the island and everyone gets around in golf carts.  We took one to the beach, a 20 minute walk in the heat of the day was not even considered and we handed over a kings ransom of nine euros to be driven 5 minutes.

Whitewashed Paradise

Whitewashed Paradise

Stunning Clifftop Sea View

Stunning Clifftop Sea View

The day was searing hot, a little bit TOO hot for my delicate constitution and even under an umbrella (AND parasol, just in case the sun got me) I lay there breathing shallowly, panting like a dog.  I had to retreat to the restaurant at one stage to get out of the brutal sun (any excuse for food is a good one!).  We finally got some relief from the sun as it dipped in the sky and our thoughts turned to our party plans for the night.

Knowing how expensive Panarea is we had our own mini party before decamping to the “clubs”. We bought food, grappa, wine and other necessary supplies.  So far so good.  We scoffed ourselves silly on the best Italian food – parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, stuffed artichokes, risotto balls. HEAVEN! 

Chad with the Grappa Grimace

Chad with the Grappa Grimace

Corruption of an Innocent

Corruption of an Innocent

Panarea was listed in all the guide books as THE place to paaaaartay, well I dont think the travel writers have been here recently!  The islands have been affected by the credit crunch for sure, as the emptier restaurants are obvious and slow trade in the shops is testified to by the locals.  We thought it might have been a bit quiet, but we didnt count on it being DEAD!  We couldnt believe there was no one in our demographic out and about.  It was like there was a war on and all the 20 and 30 somethings had been drafted.  We were left with the old and the very young.  Most disturbing to be drinking next to a bunch of 14 year olds, it was like a tragic school disco.


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