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{July 21, 2009}   Sensational Stromboli

A couple of days ago we went on a boat cruise and took in the island of Stromboli.  To be quite honest I was a grumpy beeeeeatch all day on the boat.  I am not a seafaring sort of girl and have to guard my lily white skin from the sun as well, so I was under the cover of the boat canopy all day, along with the other sweating, speedo wearing old hairy men. GROSS!  Being brushed past by a wrinkly old hairy body (and thats the women as well) is not my favourite idea of how to spend ones day.  Imagine the whole day on a hot tube, while feeling slightly sick and being brushed up against by nearly nude old people.  Yep, it was that good. 

My grace and good humour was in short supply and I relished the time we had off the boat.  We had a quick look around Panarea but were going back there so didnt worry about an exhaustive trek.  Stromboli was another story, it was a funny little port town, with very few inhabitants and a live volcano!!! How is that for a draw card!  Before our trip the rest of my group had been enthusiastically trying to talk me into climbing up to the top.  Adventure is not my middle name and I didnt want a bar of it.  I dont have many rules in life but staying away from hot lava would have to be on the list.  When they realised it was a five hour there and back trek (in the heat!) they decided against it too. 

Taxi, Island Style

Taxi, Island Style

Then we went and had dinner.  I really felt like a lovely big prawn pasta to brighten my mood, but when the prawns came out, tiny with shells still on, it was nearly my undoing.  There were prawn legs all through my pasta!  WHY? Why would you do that?  Youre meant to eat the shells as well.  I wanted to throw myself on the ground and cry, stamp my foot, and kick off into an ear splitting, screaming tantrum.  Of course, I’m an adult so I did no such thing, I just whinged constantly through dinner and viciously poked the offending prawns to one side.

Lisa had squid ink pasta, which is delicious apparently.  I didnt want any, I only like calamari rings, thats as far as me and squid go.

Crustacean Pasta (with the crusts still on!)

Crustacean Pasta (with the crusts still on!)

Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta

Getting back on the boat wasn’t so bad, at least people had clothes on this time and because the sun had gone down I could join the rest of my group on the roof.  It made the world of difference to my grumpy persona, having some personal space and the fresh sea air. 
Then we settled in off the island of Stromboli in the very calm sea (things were looking up) to watch the volcano erupting.  How bizarre!  The photos I took on my little snappy snap camera were rubbish so Ive nicked this image from a postcard.  What a magical experience.  Every time the earth would eject a stream of magma, it would briefly light up the horizon and everyone on the boat would cheer.  It was a very surreal experience. We then lay back on the deck, and fell asleep under the starry sky for the hour long trip back to Lipari.  I must remember that if I’m ever in a grump again, watching a volcano erupt will balance my mood.  Very cathartic.
Sensational Stromboli

Sensational Stromboli


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