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{July 22, 2009}   Fireworks Festival

When walking around in Lipari last Sunday we heard cannons going off. It was a bit weird, but we weren’t going to war with the neighboring island, it was the sign to say ‘let’s let off a load of firecrackers tonight’. Not that we knew that at the time, as we continued about our business, slightly concerned we could be called to arms at any moment.

We went to play Scopa at a bar around the corner. It’s a Sicilian card game, which even has its own special deck of cards. I suspect the boys were making up the rules as they went along, but without Lisa’s guidance how was I to know?  It didn’t take long for us to befriend Katie, a Canadian nanny who was on her last night in Lipari. We had a few drinks and were joined by her friend Cassina, another Canadian nanny who had lived in Lipari for a year. What a fabulous way to spend a year! Local knowledge is everything and they let us in on the local’s secret, taking us down past the port where we watched the most sensational 15 minutes of fireworks. I don’t know what they were celebrating, I don’t even think the locals know… Something about a saint. Well that’s good enough for me, any excuse for a pyrotechnic extravaganza!

Lipari Fireworks

Lipari Fireworks


Cassina says:

You’re so sweet. I added you to FB and Katie’s got a few pics up of us! Loveee your blog by the way 🙂

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