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{July 26, 2009}   Benefit Betrayal

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby








I have just written an email to Benefit to tell them how unhappy I am.  Worse than unhappy, I feel let down, disappointed and betrayed.  Why?  Well they’ve stopped making my favourite perfume EVER, Maybe Baby.  How dare you Benefit!  Really, what were you thinking!  So yesterday I stocked up and bought five bottles.  That will last me for a little over a year.  Tomorrow I’m going to a department store and am going to stock up on more bottles, as well as have a little smell of the Gwen Stefani perfume L.A.M.B.  I’ve been on forums with other devastated Maybe Baby fans and they said that L.A.M.B smells similar.  I don’t know how I feel about wearing a scent called L.A.M.B.  Being from NZ that is just like an open invitation to get the p*ss taken out of you!

Apparently Benefit have some new perfumes that are going to be better – or so the lady behind the counter said.  I don’t believe her.  Anyway, even if they are (which they won’t be) how do I know they won’t whip them off the shelves once I’m attached to them.  I can’t trust you anymore Benefit, if I didn’t like your make up so much we’d be all over.  But in the perfume stakes you better believe we’re through, unless you bring back Maybe Baby!

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby


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