My Sunshiny Life

{July 29, 2009}   NO-vember

I love shopping.  I shop a LOT.  I’m like a little magpie who can’t live without the latest shiny thing – or this morning on my way to work how I couldn’t live without a new pair of shoes and a scarf.  NAUGHTY! (they are gorgeous though).  When you move you realise how much crap you’ve accumulated, not that I’ve moved recently but the memory is still fresh from last year – lugging all my stuff up four flights of stairs.  I vowed and declared then that I’d minimise, economise and not buy so much STUFF.  You just forget though don’t you.  If you’ve got good storage in your house it’s easy to forget.  

So I’ve decided that I’m going to go one whole month without buying anything.  That means no trips into Accessorise,  SpaceNK, or Dotty P’s.  No trips into Boots, just to walk around and see if I need anything… how do those trips always end up with me leaving laden with shopping?  So all shops will be out of bounds.  The only thing I’ll be able to buy is food.  I hope I don’t turn into a blimp by the end of the month!  I quite enjoy food shopping and if this is going to be my only shopping activity I think the shopping trolley is going to get quite full.

So the next thing is, when to perform such a challenge.  Well, August is out because I need to buy some bits and bobs for Missy G’s hens do.  Plus I’m going to the Big Chill and might pick up a few things for there…  September I’m going to Missy G’s wedding and because I’ll be in Italy – well it would be a shame to miss out if I see an item I just can’t live without!  October – the weather will be getting very cold by then (not that it’s balmy at the moment!) and new winter jackets will be flooding the stores, I don’t want to miss out on a good one!  That leaves NO-vember.  See what I did there.  I liked the way that fit in to my new frugal regime, NO shopping for LMS in NO-vember.  NO spanking the credit card and NO “I just might pop in to have a look” visits into any of my favourite stores.

My one month abstinence may even go some way towards saving the planet.  All this consumerism is destroying our delicate earth, so I’m going to think about what I buy more carefully in future.  Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to show a little restraint after NO-vember, for the sake of the planet AND the health of my credit cards!



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