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{August 1, 2009}   Twilight

This morning I watched Twilight.  I hadn’t expected to like it, as I thought it was aimed at teens, then again I loved Harry Potter and that certainly wasn’t written with my demographic in mind.  Although to be honest, seeing a grown man on the tube with a Harry Potter book is just WRONG.  Anyway, I digress.  I LOVED Twilight, so much so that I jumped on Amazon after watching it and ordered all four books in the series.  I have to say that for a teen movie, it oozed sexuality all the way through, totally porntastic with lots of panting, intent stares and ‘I crave your blood so badly’ kind of statements.  Romance is not dead people!

I love Edward Cullen, which is slightly disturbing because the character is only 17 (unleash the cougar), but hey if you think of how old he ACTUALLY is then he’s much older than me!  I’d like to point out that I don’t fancy the actor that plays him, just the character.  I think I’ll put my order in for a brooding vampire boyfriend – universe, see what you can sort out for me please…  Although I may have to make him older than 17 as I think there my be some legal implications on the underage situation.

Actually then again, he’d probably piss me off being all dominant, brooding and ‘I know what’s best for you’ and I’d end up kicking his vampire arse to the kerb.  Real life isn’t Mills and Boon, where we womenfolk need a man to save us.  So universe, put that order on hold would ya.  I think I’ll go for a decent man next time. 

Brooding Hot Vampire Hunk

Brooding Hot Vampire Hunk

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