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{August 6, 2009}   Wool and the Gang

What’s this all about then?  It’s a brand new ‘let’s get on the knitting bandwagon’ craze from those cheeky folk at Wool and the Gang.  I have to say I haven’t knitted for years, but I did master the scarf when I was in my teens.  I didn’t progress further than that, but was quite happy to knit scarves so I didn’t mind.  Mindless and relaxing, no worries about casting on, casting off or actually following a pattern. 

I got an email the other day from Sheer Luxe and I clicked through, interest slightly piqued.  It wasn’t very long until my ire was piqued though.  What a bloody rip off! 

Let’s look at one product in particular, we’ll stick with the scarf as we’ve already established my expertise in this area.  So for a Roxy scarf, which don’t forget you actually make yourself, all you need to do is fork out the princely sum of €129.  But hey, they do throw in the wool AND the knitting needles.  They’ve even included a pattern, although god knows why – anyone who’s an expert in scarves (like me) knows you just keep knitting until it’s long enough, or until you run out of wool!  Wool and the Gang, you’re taking the piss. 

My nana would have a fit if I told her, so I won’t because she’s quite old.  I’m ashamed to admit now that I hated the jumpers she knitted me when I was younger.  One of them was like Joseph’s technicolour dream coat.  Now I can see that she was actually quite fashion forward and I miss my knitted treats (once you’re over 18 you’re out in the knitting cold).  Thank god Nana never had to pay €129 every time she churned out another masterpiece, or I’d never have had my (hated but in retrospect loved) technicolour dream jumper.

Knitting Nana Style

Knitting Nana Style

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