My Sunshiny Life

{August 17, 2009}   Kate Miller Heidke

I blogged about Kate not so long ago  and was so enthusiastic about her that I booked tickets to her gig at Barfly. 

Kate’s support act was interesting to say the least.  If you’ve ever seen Chris on Youtube, the young man from ‘Leave Britney Alone’ fame then you’ll have a fair idea of what the emo support act was like for Kate.     

Think emo, with a double helping of misunderstood.  Then add lyrics that I’m sure were soulful and philosophical when composed in the safety of his bedroom, but which sounded like ‘teenage angst, I have no idea about life, poor me’ when bleated out from the stage.  Lyrics like ‘Where’s my stapler, sticky labels, get your shit off my table’ which described a 9-5 job he’d once held down.  I think the title was ‘textbook life’  Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him!

The crowd shuffled around awkwardly, not wanting to look each other in the eye, it was that cringe worthy.  The other four in my group, who had trusted me blindly with this gig, had no idea about Kate’s music and were now starting to give me pointed looks.  Oh. My. God, what had I got everybody in to!

There was no need to worry though, Kate was brilliant and I was like a very excited groupie.  She put on an excellent performance and won the crowd over with her irreverent sense of humour and absolutely flawless performance.  Her vocal range is amazing and I love her lyrics.  Her husband is a very talented individual too and they have a lovely chemistry on stage.

Kate Miller Heidke

Kate Miller Heidke

Ok, I’ve hit gush mode and I was in a similar mode when I got her to sign my CD, saying ‘I think you’re lovely’  like a moron.  I also asked her to pose for a photo with me and here it is.

Kate and her groupie

Kate and her groupie

Yes, I am very cool.


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