My Sunshiny Life

{August 19, 2009}   Best Selling Novellist

I really want to be a novellist.  A best selling one actually.  I LOVE writing my blog and am hoping that this passion for writing will transfer to other’s passionately reading.  Obviously I’ll need lots of people to read it if I’m going to be a best selling novellist!

I have images of me sitting in my very fabulous house, immersed in fantasy land as I craft my best selling masterpiece.  Many images come to mind when I imagine myself as a writer.  In summer, there is a light honeysuckle scented breeze gently drifting into the open french doors, where I’m sitting at my laptop typing.  My dog Dolly is at my feet, lying there with her lead in her mouth, looking at me with hopeful ‘take me for a walk’ eyes.  


Sitting in a cafe seems like a fabulous way to combine people watching, eating and writing.  I think this will be the perfect way to while away the days, getting inspired by life and the characters sitting around me. 

In winter, I’m sitting in my living room watching it bucket down with rain outside. I have the fire going and have hit a particularly interesting part of my book, words are flying out from my brain on to the keyboard as if I’ve been possessed.  Dolly (my miniature schnauzer dog) is happily lying in front of the crackling fire, having happy doggy dreams, moving and growling occasionally as she chases squirels in her sleep.  A comfortable silence fills the room, punctuated only by the tapping of the keys as the words transfer from my brain to the screen at warp speed.  This vision is made even better by imagining business suited commuters hurrying down the road to their 9-5 jobs, huddling under umbrellas, with miserable expressions on their faces.

So every goal needs some action behind it. I’ve drafted out the bones of my story and I’m currently reading ‘How to Write a Damn Good Novel’ by James Frey (not the one that wrote that book A Million Little Pieces and told all those porkie pies to Oprah, this one is a writer and university lecturer – who must be SO mad that other James Frey has besmirched his good name!)  The book seems to be delivering on everything it says on the cover – apparently you need to create sympathy for the central character, get your readers to identify with them, empathise with their plight and then the magical transition – you need to transport the reader into your carefully crafted world.  HOW exciting! 

That’s only chapter one, I’m going to be a fount of knowledge by the end of the book.  Then I just have to start writing, then keep writing, even if what I’ve first written is a pile of shite.  Apparently that is the hardest bit.


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