My Sunshiny Life

{August 21, 2009}   Birthday Bliss

I turned another year older yesterday and celebrated in the most fabulous way, all DAY!  Taking a day out to pamper and indulge oneself is such a decadent treat and I enjoyed every second.

The fun started when I got up and walked out my door to find some gorgeous White Company products and a heartfelt card left by my wonderful flatties.  Calls, texts, emails and facebook posts all contributed to my warm happy glow for the day and left me feeling very loved and cared for. 

Fact: You cannot gain weight on your birthday, no matter how much you eat.  Which is just as well really, as I ate delicious food and drank copious amounts of champagne and wine all day.  I started off my culinary indulgence at Raouls where I had lovely eggs benedict.  Then it was time to buy myself a present – bath and body products from Philosophy. I’ve fallen in love with their Amazing Grace range, it’s divine and I truly smelt heavenly after applying nearly every product I could find in the store. 

You MUST eat chocolate on your birthday and only the finest chocolate will do.  The Artisan du Chocolat counter at Selfridges was close by, so I popped over to pick out a little selection of high quality, hand made chocolates.  Then on my way out of Selfridges, I fell right into the cupcake stand and left with a DELICIOUS red velvet cupcake.  Life is good when you’re stuffed full of cake and chocolate! 

Artisan Du Chocolat Selection

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Not feeling guilty about catching a cab a very short distance, I made my way to The Sanctuary Day Spa in Covent Garden.  I lounged on comfy day beds with my magazines, sipped champagne cocktails, went for a few swims (they even had a noodle, brilliant!), had a spa, massage and sleep treatment.  What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, I highly recommend it. 

The rough patch of my day was going to a new salon (Saco) and being kept waiting for my hairdresser for 45 minutes, looking very attractive with my towel turban head.  Not the best introduction for a new client really.  EXCUSE me, it’s my birthday and I have a dinner to get to!  Stress crept in around the edges of my beautifully relaxing day, but a quick dash home, shower and speedy make up application had me at the restaurant only 20 minutes late.

Dinner was at Maroush 1 on Edgware Road.  I’ve been to loads of Maroush restaurants, but hadn’t been to this one yet.  The drawcard was the belly dancing and live music.  I was so incredibly spoilt and I felt very blessed as I opened all my presents and cards. 

Me and Bec

Me and Sands

The stunning belly dancer came out and put on an amazing show, getting us all involved. 

 Belly Dancer

The live music had everyone jigging about in their seats, until you couldn’t help getting up and busting a few moves on the dance floor.  The waiters were brilliant and I even got one to show me some Lebanese dance moves. 

There was another table celebrating a birthday, so Happy Birthday was sung to both of us.  They even shared their birthday cake, bringing a few pieces over with candles so I had something to blow out too.  What’s a birthday without a champagne toast?  The waiter brought over a complimentary bottle of champagne for yet another toast.  There was such a lovely warm community feel in the restaurant,  fuelled by fabulous music, fabulous people and thoughtful touches.     

Birthday Girl

Pampering, Indulgence, Shopping, Dinner, Dancing, Champagne, Presents, Cards, Cake and Fabulous Friends.  What a lucky girl I am!

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