My Sunshiny Life

{September 1, 2009}   Notting Hill Carnival Magic

I’d heard the drum beats all day on Sunday and had resisted the temptation to go down and check out the carnival. Monday came and all resistance melted away as I found myself hypnotically drawn towards carnival magic. 

Miss B and I went to check out the floats, I’ve been to carnival twice before and didn’t see any floats either time.  This needed to be rectified immediately! 

Best drummers in the parade

Notting Hill Carnival 2009

We also got our faces painted and were transformed into carnival princesses.

Carnival Princess Transformation Underway

Flamboyant Face Painting

Carnival Princess Transformation Complete!

Carnival Princess Transformation Complete!

Nigerian Patriotism

Ok, enough floats, enough drums, enough jerk chicken, let’s get to the Good Times Bus with Norman Jay and have a street party.  This man is a genius, managing the crowd like a puppeteer, working us up into a frenzy and then giving us some down time to recover.  It’s truly a magical experience rocking it with people from all walks of life.

Notting Hill Carnival 2009

Carnival Girls

See you next year carnival!


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