My Sunshiny Life

{September 6, 2009}   The Romantic Gypsy Lifestyle

Little Miss Sunshine's Camper

The romance of a road trip, free to roam wherever you desire is a must do on my ‘things to do before I’m 40’ list.  A car doesn’t cut it, it’s cramped and fast.  I’ve never wanted to properly backpack around Europe in an awful combi van either.  I want to travel in style, in my own Little Miss Sunshine camper van.  I’ll travel at a leisurely pace throughout Europe with Dolly (my dog who is currently a figment of my aspiration), like a little snail taking in the scenery, with all my belongings, bed and bathroom safely stowed behind me. 

So, with this in mind I started researching camper vans. They’re actually not as expensive as you’d think.  Well you can get a pimping one for about £100,000 but there are quite decent models, about ten years old for around £10,000.  First of all I investigated the Winnebago, these things are bloody huge though and if I’d take out half a French village if I tried to drive through it.  The cute little four berth camper vans, with their own shower, toilet and kitchen would be the perfect size for me and my driving ability.  The chintzy fabrics will be ripped out and the inside decorated like a fabulous exotic travelling home, with rich jewel colours and an array of textures.

I’ll leave with no firm plans, final destination unknown, just the broad expanse of Europe stretching out before me like an open invitation.  I’ll stay in towns and villages a few days longer just because they have lovely croissants, I’ll wake up by the beach, I’ll camp in nature reserves and by lakes.  I’ll savour each experience, instead of a cursory glance and tearing on to the next attraction.  It’s a journey, not a ‘tick all the sightseeing boxes and let’s go home’ kind of adventure.  I’m a light hearted, happy gypsy filled with wanderlust.


TheDolce says:

did you say camp? and who cleans out the toilet stuff?? 🙂

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