My Sunshiny Life

{September 27, 2009}   Scrumptious Saturday

Some weekends you just end up eating a lot of food don’t you.  Or perhaps it’s just that it’s really good food, so it stands out in the smorgasboard of mediocrity.

Arancina Westbourne Grove

My culinary adventure began at Arancina in Westbourne Grove yesterday afternoon.  I’d passed this place hundreds of times and had never ventured in.  It’s eye catching with the little Fiat 500 buried into the wall.  I thought they only did pizza slices and it just never appealed.  Well, how wrong can one be!  Arancina in Westbourne Grove make delicious home cooked Sicilian food, with arancini ragu as one of their specialities.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, I spotted a cannoli in the sweet cabinet.  Sometimes life is so good.  I have to say that the arancini ragu (risotto ball, lightly fried with a mince and mozzarella centre) was absolutely delicious.  It was piping hot, with a lightly crisped coating and melted mozzarella oozed out gently when pressed into with my fork.  The cannoli.  Not so good.  Not really bad, but my cannoli standards are very high.  The shells need to be filled and served immediately I think, or they go a bit soggy.


After a nap in Hyde Park and Bayswater shopping, I ventured south of the river to see the Rimmers for dinner.  There were five of us that went to their local Bangladeshi curry house in East Dulwich.  The two Rimmer boys can eat a lot of food, but even they weren’t up to the enormous feast that was laid out before us.  We’d chosen more food than necessary due to the eating capacity of Matt and James, a banquet for six that would have been too much food for 8, let alone only 5 of us.  Naan bread and rice was pushed to one side as un-necessary bulk, who needs that when you can’t even fit in prawns, chicken and lamb in a selection of delicious dishes. 

The food was of a high enough level to keep eating, even after saying you couldn’t fit in another mouthful, three or four times over.  We finally had to admit defeat and and were left with a table full of half empty dishes, with enough food left for several more diners. 

If the starters and mains weren’t enough, we still had dessert to try and eat.  There is normally always room for dessert, but last night my dessert belly was very squashed, so I could only manage a few mouthfuls of mango sorbet.  A delightful evening, with fabulous company, efficient and super friendly service and delicious food.  Mirash Tandoori in East Dulwich, a little neighbourhood gem.

mirash tandoori


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