My Sunshiny Life

{September 30, 2009}   Lucky 7 for Burgers and Beer

Lucky 7 Booth Sharing

Koi-lee and I went for a long overdue catch up, to eat burgers and gossip.  Lucky 7 is the natural selection when you think of the place to go for a good quality cheeseburger.   The sister restaurant to Crazy Homies and just as kitsch, with random decorations and booths that you may have to share with other customers.  We were lucky and managed to keep our booth to ourselves – having loads of bags helps deter would be table partners.


Kylie and her mini me cheeseburger

Unfortunately some of the other burgers looked better than ours, it was like we got the mini me burger.  Not that we didn’t leave stuffed of course. 

Kylie at Lucky 7

On to the upstairs bit of the Oak where we sat by a couple, who then proceeded to make out in front of us, just stopping short of ripping each others clothes off and really going for it.  A few awkward giggles later, we found another seat, just out of view of the overt PDA and finished our evening over red wine and rum (not together obviously).

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