My Sunshiny Life

{October 9, 2009}   Toto, I've a feeling we're not in London anymore!

I have been having so much fun getting to know real Noo Yawkers! I can’t believe how friendly everyone is. When I mention this to New Yorkers, they don’t believe me, but I’ve been treated SO well since I’ve been here.

It all started with the nice man at the motel from hell who helped me in to New York.  Then a security guard walked me three blocks to show me where the midtown bus stop was – and told me to come and get him tomorrow if I couldn’t find it again!  I have spoken to countless people as I’m getting the hang of finding my way around and without exception everyone has been polite and super friendly. 

Shop people are incredibly helpful, which is worlds apart from the surly and resentful shop girls in London.  I was best friends with my Victorias Secret sales girl by the time I left the store.  It’s not just shop people either.  Courier bikers strike up conversations in the lift and everyone just seems SO much more easy going than in London.  When I’m asking for directions and people don’t know, they’ll stop other people and we stand there as a group trying to figure out the best route for where I need to go.  

I thought it might just be because I’m obviously a tourist and they’re intrigued by my classy kiwi twang, but that assumption was disproved today when an NYPD police man held back a car so I could get past on the footpath and then helped me on with my jacket as I’m waiting to cross the road.  I hadn’t said a word!

 Whatever it is, I don’t want it to end and it’s going to be a shock to the system when I go back to London, where people would tut loudly and step over your body if you collapsed in front of them!

Fabulous sales patter while collecting for the soup kitchen

Fabulous sales patter while collecting for the soup kitchen


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