My Sunshiny Life

{October 18, 2009}   New York High Line

High Line New York

Whilst in New York recently I met up with Tom and Chloe for a fabulous brunch in their West Village neighborhood and they took me on a little tiki tour of the surrounding area.  We ended up at the High Line, which is a brilliant initiative to beautify inner city living.  Taking a disused overground railway line, the council (do they call them a council in the states?) has planted a magical garden and made it into a relaxing and enjoyable destination.  The first part of the line opened in June and the next part is due to open in 2010, which will span another whole ten blocks. 

Here’s what you can expect to see, viewing platforms over the road, pretty flowers, interesting wild grasses, sharply contrasting angles, city views, deck chairs and loungers.  You can just spot the Hudson river sparkling in the distance, but having seen that already while en route, I was more mesmerised by the angles, the greenery, the city scape and the people watching.

The High Line Wilderness


Wild Flower Railway Line

Police Car Parade @ High Line Viewing Platform


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