My Sunshiny Life

{October 23, 2009}   New York Night Life

If you need someone to show you a good night out then you can’t go wrong with Miss Adi.  My partner in crime from the good old days, now a mum, but still a party queen underneath it all.

We started our night with cocktails at Sushi Samba, moving on to sake (quite nice, could be my new tipple) with our sushi.  Telling the waitress to bring out what she thought we’d like was a good way to order and the food was to die for!

Sushi Samba Magic

Sake Kanpai

More Sushi Samba Magic

These shoes are not made for walking

These shoes are taxi shoes, not walking shoes!

From Sushi Samba we made our way to a fabulous bar in the West Village, I’ve no idea of the name.  There were a couple of things that amused/bemused me when we first arrived.  It was the seat hunt at the bar, which we excelled at, then it was the gigantic tip Adi gave the barman up front so he’d keep serving us! 

Our attentive waiter

Our attentive waiter after a big tip

The biggest thing though, was the amount of absolutely stunning girls in the bar and very average looking men.  The girls were still eying these men up, like hungry lions that haven’t eaten for a while.  We spoke to one girl, who we decided was the epitome of the single New York girl.  Stunning, high maintenance, confident and very very single.  While she was talking to us, her eyes constantly flicked around the room, settling on men, she’d scan them from head to toe taking in the quality of their shoes, clothes and doing a quick assessment of their bank balance.  Most amusing to watch.  Single guys, get over to New York, it’s a cherry picking dream.

Stunning and Single in New York

Stunning and Single in New York

Making our way to Buddha Bar, we watched as groups were turned away at the door, being told there was a minimum table spend of $350.  Ok, I was up for a big night, but not that big!  Adi assured me we’d be fine and hustled her way to the front, gaining us access with no problems whatsoever.  Work it baby!

Home time!

Fabulous night babe, can’t wait to see you back in Blighty! x

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