My Sunshiny Life

{November 30, 2009}   Vintage Clothing Market Brick Lane

Wandering around Brick Lane on a wet and cold Sunday sounds like a very unwise way to spend the afternoon, but Kylie and I had a fabulous time exploring, eating, drinking and people watching. 

Walking off our brick lane curry, we came across a vintage clothing market, which was a big warehouse with loads of stalls and a fabulous little cupcake and coffee area that had been decked out vintage styley.  There were some stalls with amazing furs, which I can appreciate aesthetically, but I just can’t go there.  This is slightly hypocritical, because I do wear leather and eat meat, but wearing an animal that is solely raised for it’s skin seems cruel – I’m not sure how eating them is any less cruel but there you go. 

What did get me squealing with excitement were the fabulous hats, that were just begging to be tried on.  Far from being annoyed by our antics, the stall holders were super friendly and even suggested different hats to wear and kindly took photos of us. 















We’ve all had relationship break ups, but we probably haven’t coped with them the way that Sophie Calle decided to.  Upon receiving a rather odd break up email from her lover ‘X’ this french woman didn’t sit at home eating her way into another dress size, she embarked on a project to decipher the meaning behind it, asking a bunch of women to interpret the words. 

My interpretation of the letter… X is a self serving narcissist who focussed on his own feelings in the letter.  When they embarked upon their affair he’d promised to stop seeing the ‘others’.  Apparently he had four on the go at once.  He left them for Sophie and then realised his fan base just wasn’t big enough with one woman.  Breaking up over email is a cowardly act anyway and the fact that he focussed on his own feelings throughout, still professing love to her, but unable to change his alley cat ways to be with her showed a lack of strength and integrity.  Then at the last minute, as if realising that he actually had someone else to consider in the breakup other than himself, he urged her to take care of herself.  Twat.

The whole idea makes for a fascinating, if slightly indulgent art exhibition, as 107 women share their insight into the letter, alongside their photograph and job title.  The women were from diverse backgrounds, from a stay at home mother, to a judge, sub editor, scientist, police captain, dancer, actors, sms text translater and even a parrot.  I loved the response from a rifle shooter, delicate pellet holes punctuated the love letter which was mounted on a backlit board letting white light shine through.  The responses were presented in a variety of ways, some chose photos, some text and some were filmed.  An Italian woman read the letter while peeling onions, pausing every few sentences to weigh in with her opinion.  She finished her film segment by blowing her nose on the letter, blaming the onions as she wiped tears from her eyes.

A perfect bite sized gallery visit and I’ll be back on another day to see her other exhibition called Talking to Strangers.  Check it out for yourself at the whitechapel gallery.

{November 28, 2009}   Avenue Q – Puppets Gone Wild

I LOVED this show, it had me laughing from the very first minute and all the way through.  Sometimes in the theatre I’m wondering when the show is going to finish, but I didn’t want this show to finish.  The set up is perfect for those with limited attention spans.  Short, punchy, VERY funny scenes and songs, with sweet life messages littered throughout. 

Princeton is a graduate fresh out of college with a BA in English, which he’s now discovered makes him qualified for absolutely nothing.  He is unemployed and broke.  The rest of the cast are also finding their way through lifes trials, with a happy skip and a cheeky tune.  The actors who control the puppets are brilliant – with Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut being played by the same girl, Cassidy Janson.  The two character voices are poles apart and she does them incredibly well, slipping into each persona with ease.  Daniel Boys was the other main lead, playing Princeton and the uptight gay Rod who is in love with his room mate Nicky – much like Bert and Ernie, but out of the closet!

Puppets get away with a lot and the swearing and sex scenes were disturbingly hilarious – it’s a must see show.  The stand out songs for me were It sucks to be me, Everybody’s a little bit racist sometimes and It’s only for now.

Here they are so you can enjoy them as well.  Make sure you go and see the show, you won’t be disappointed. 

Bunny, you’re weird, how can you not have enjoyed this show? Puppets, sex, life lessons – it’s a magical combination!

{November 25, 2009}   Christmas Magic in London

Christmas is coming and London is a different city around Christmas time, turning a little bit magical.  Ice skating, Fabulous Lights, Window Displays, Shopping, Mulled Wine (not on the street, I’m painting a story of Copenhagen here, lets rein it in a bit!)   Anyway, it’s not quite as fairytale perfect as Copenhagen, with open braziers, chestnuts, mulled wine, fabulous markets and lights, but it rocks Christmas in an urban kind of way.

I walked down Oxford Street and down Carnaby Street the other night, happily being a snappy snap tourist in my own city.  The Christmas lights twinkled above and the smell of waffles and caramelised peanuts mingled with the crisp night air, making the madness of Oxford Street a little bit enchanted, yes, even with the crowds! 

{November 22, 2009}   Musical Contrasts

I’ve had two musical experiences this week, they couldn’t have been more different and both introduced me to music I don’t normally listen to. 

I’d been promising Ruairi for ages that I’d come and see his band A Quick Minute, then not turning up.  So I finally made the effort and popped along to the Good Ship in Kilburn.  Little Miss Sunshine was at a gig.  I haven’t been to one for ages, like a proper pub gig, not a concert kind of gig. 

The music was hard rock, which isn’t normally my bag, but I really enjoyed it!  I Am Giant was the first band I saw and they were really good, for eye candy and for the tunes.  The drummer proved most popular with the girls, as shout outs came thick and fast from the audience.  Proper groupie girls were dancing seductively in front of the band, much to their delight. 

After a short break, A Quick Minute came on to the stage, beers firmly in hand and ready to rock (did I really just say that?)  Groupie Alert! Not quite as pretty, but far more talented, these guys put in a good set and had fun while they were doing it.  With constant reminders for everyone to drink, these guys wanted to make sure everyone had a good time.  My ears were ringing by the time I left, but the possible tinnitus was worth it.  My ‘I’m with the band’ wrist stamp was washed off reluctantly when I got home, it was nice being a groupie for a night.

My next musical experience was a surprise.  Harry had warned me that it was cheesy, so I thought we might be going to a pantomime.  As we neared the Royal Albert Hall I still didn’t have a clue what we were about to see, but I was captivated by the sheer magnificence of the building, both inside and out.  We were handed a paper english flag with our programme, mm, the plot thickens.  The average age of the audience was about 60 and there was an orchestra and a choir.  We were at The Classical SPECTACULAR!  What a fabulous way to educate my ignorant musical mind about classical music.  The MC/Conductor man was over the top cheesily funny, with enough references to Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity and X Factor to connect the common folk with high brow music. 

The music was really enjoyable and there was a laser light show as well, which Harry dismissed as total cheese, but I was captivated by it.  Even though I’m not a classical music buff, the music wasn’t totally foreign to me as they’d chosen very well known classical pieces.  The whole performance was excellent, with over 200 talented musicians, a very enthusiastic crowd singing along to Britannia, a laser light show and then a firework finale. 

So from hard rock to classical, I’ve had a week of broadening my musical horizons and it’s proven most enjoyable.

{November 21, 2009}   Breakfast at Tiffany's

A girl’s night out at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the London West End play, followed by cocktails at the Connaught is a lovely way to spend a night.  

The movie is one of my favourites and I expected the play to follow the same story line, but it was a little bit different.  There were more obvious references to the fact Holly Golightly gets by financially by taking money from her social companions.  The male lead (Joseph Cross) did a good job, but he was totally miscast and no match for the dashing George Peppard from the movie.  Anna Friel played Holly Golightly, in what I’ll always think of as Audrey Hepburn’s role, but Anna did an amazing job and made the role her own on the stage.  This girl has some chutzpah, to be up on stage buck naked, with only a towel draped loosely across to give her some degree of modesty.  But seriously, if I looked like Anna Friel, I think I’d walk down the street naked.  From 3rd row seats I can report, no cellulite and a fabulous figure.

I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision to have Anna’s hair dyed blonde, but it was for the best, as quite soon into the show I stopped making comparisons to Audrey and just enjoyed her performance.  The play has been slated by some and I think the male lead might be the reason, but I enjoyed it and would highly recommend you go and see it.

{November 17, 2009}   Cake Baking Superstar

Le Dolci

We have a celebrity chef in our midst.  My lovely flatmate Dolce has started up her own cupcake making business and the fruits of her labour have been gratefully sampled in our flat (until Bracks and I decided to stop eating sugar).  She has had quite a few orders and now her fame has spread to the media.  She had a photo shoot session with our local paper Wood and Vale today, with her big feature appearing in Thursdays edition.  Today the Wood and Vale, tomorrow the Sunday Star Times, this is where it all begins!

Forgetting momentarily that today is the first day on my low sugar diet, I tucked into the brownie slice that she’d set aside for me.  A bit of chocolate love after my crappy day at work was exactly what I needed.  The low sugar diet can begin tomorrow, but for now I was indulging in a deliciously soft, yet delightfully crunchy slice of heaven.  

Butterfly Brownie

You too can have your own slice of heaven, just look Dolce up on her new site and order whatever takes your sugar high fancy.


Le Dolci Wedding Cupcake Tower

{November 16, 2009}   East London Graffiti

I saw this wicked graffiti on a pub wall in East London tonight.  The one below must be an original Banksy as it’s covered in perspex to protect it.  Unless they’ve covered it to make it LOOK like an original Banksy, mmm, clever.  Quite annoyingly it’s also covered by a stupid fern, why would you do that?

Original Banksy?

Maybe she's born with it, Maybelline

{November 13, 2009}   Breaking all the Rules!

I’ve imposed some restrictions on my life this month, endeavouring to better myself.  I’m not doing so well at sticking to them unfortunately!  I’m up to £24 on the swear box so far – that is 48 cusses that I’ve had since Sunday afternoon.  That is me really trying not to swear too.  There might be two cleft palette operations benefitting from my swear box fund at this rate. 

Another challenge I set myself in NOvember was that I was going to abstain from shopping and I actually stuck  to it for 11 days.  Well, it’s easy setting the rules, not so easy following through.  Temptation has been a constant companion since the challenge began.  Like when I see the ASOS delivery man and get a little surge of anticipation, only to realise the parcel can’t possibly be for me as I haven’t ordered anything! 

Then I got an email from my favourite shop back in NZ.  Dirty old Max, come on down.  I looked at the email and was about to delete it, but the little shopping devil in my head whispered to me to just have a little look.   Max had put themselves to the trouble of emailing me and they were on sale, so looking seemed like the polite thing to do.

Well, you wouldn’t have to be a psychic to realise that I didn’t just look, but when I show you what I bought, and for how much, I think you’ll agree that there was no other course of action I could have taken.  Even with the pound being low right now, it still does well against the NZ dollar, especially on SALE items!  My saving angel and my shopping devil had a bit of a tussle, but the saving angel agreed in the end.  Even getting them shipped over (thanks Natalie), my whole shopping expedition only cost me £110.  The full ticket value was £316, so I saved a whopping £200!

When you check out my selection below I think you’ll agree that I was justified in my purchases! (yes, that really is a winter coat, that one item alone would normally cost around £100!). 





{November 11, 2009}   Shoot Experience 9-5 Prize Giving
I was invited by the lovely Shoot Experience folk to their prize giving for the 9-5 competition they were running.   The competition was an opportunity to showcase a day in the life in your office, the funnier the better.  There were some brilliant photos, that were both creative and clever.  The winning ones were also my favourites.
Home time, surely?

Home time, surely?

Lyndsey surrounded by her adoring fans

Lyndsey surrounded by her adoring fans

Roll on 5.30

And my number one fave 'Roll on 5.30'

 The best thing about the party was that we got to play dress ups and get our photo taken.  There’s nothing like a dress up box to unleash your inner 5 year old.



et cetera